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    how do i study poetry pauldaly

    Can anyone give advice on how and what i should study for poetry.

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      -Understand the poetry techniques,eg.Alliteration,Imagery

      -Learn different quotes from different poems

      -Practice answering exam questions

      Hope this helped :)

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      E H

      The notes I find the best for Othello, Comparative Study and Poetry (Higher Level) are in a revision book called "English Key Notes - Leaving Certificate 2015 - Higher Level" - I think it costs about €15 or so - you can google it and then order online - not sure if it is in Easons?? - I find it brilliant. Hope this helps.

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      Donna McCann

      hi paul just use your excellent brain you posess

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      I agree with the first comment.

      Also my classmates are always worried that certain poems wont gain as much marks as others. That isnt true. In my mocks the majority of everyone in HL english chose poems like Dulce et Decorum Est and Digging. They lost a lot of marks, particularly since they are hard poems. However, since I barely even thought about poetry until a week before (wouldn't recommend it even now, obviously) I had no choice but to study a simplier poem, Long Distance II by Tony Harrison. In the mock exam there was 30 marks going for studied poetry and I only lost two mark. It was easy to learn off by heart, I recommend learning off a poem and be able to comment of each aspect of the poem in enough detail.

      Hope I help and good luck :)

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      you can also download people saying the poems , or record yourself saying them and listen to it back ( I know you'll prob think you sound like an eejit) - but it works :) learn off quotes and different techniques/ styles that your prescribed poets use

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