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How many poets?
Seán_5948 Leaving Cert English — 07/06/16 4

Would I be okay learning 3 poets? Yeats, Durcan and Bishop

Sammokenny — 07/06/16
Probably better off learning 3 or 4 properly and skimming over your least favourite just in case, or the poet that you struggle to write about
cooldude7878 — 07/06/16
I'm thinking of doing Durcan Bishop and Larkin hope Durcan and especially Bishop are there
caitlin_ward11 — 07/06/16
Ya I'm exact same, looked over Durcan, Bishop and Larkin. And then I'm skimming over Yeats just in case
Alex_8363 — 07/06/16
^^^ 5 to guarantee one comes up, simple as.
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