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    How to take poetry notes? wildrover98

    Can anyone recommend the best way to take poetry notes for HL English?

    There aren't any in the book and I'm not sure what exactly to write i.e, how much to write, focus on imagery or theme etc.


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      Well, did your teacher give you a guideline? If not, message me and poems or poets you are stuck on and i can help :) What I usually do is take quotes that stand out to me, and I learn them. I usually mould any question around these quotes !

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      The best way to study poetry is to make your own notes, in a way that suits you. Making the notes is the first step (this is part of studying), and the second step is committing the information to memory.

      I use many routines with my students, but the following routine they seem to favour:

      1) Read the poem and then make some basic inferences.

      2) Teacher fills in the gaps and explains some of the more difficult parts.

      3) Students comment on these

      4) Make notes as a class (I have attached an example below)

      5) Students leave with an understanding of the poem and a record of what they discussed (as per the annotated poem below).

      Then the students make their own notes using the example below as a foundation. I encourage them to read any notes that are provided in the text as well, in order to supplement their understanding.

      attachment Child by Sylvia Plath with notes and annotated.pdf

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      1)write the name of the poet followed by the poem title.

      2)write down the subject matter. i.e. where is it, what is the poem about etc....

      3)what's the theme of the poem

      4) what's the tone. is it happy, sad, light hearted, etc...

      5) write down the imagery. write down the lines in the poem that go with them as well.

      6) write down the sounds in the poem e.g. alliteration. also write the lines in the poem that go with it.

      7)write own the poet uses n the poem and the line in the poem that goes with it. e.g. repetition, personification, etc...

      you can revise this better than having to constantly read the poem over and over, as this it will have the main points. you can then shorten it down to the key points later on.

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