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Irish Poets // Durcan/Yeats/NíChuilleanáin??
PadiK Leaving Cert English — 08/06/16 6

Is there always an Irish poet?

PadiK — 08/06/16
Chelle97 — 08/06/16
yes always and a female
PadiK — 08/06/16
So does that mean Yeats or Durcan or Ní Chuilleanáin will come up?
johnroberts983 — 08/06/16
David_5091 — 08/06/16
Ni Chuilleanain came up last year though so more likley Durcan or Yeats
xxFaZexx — 08/06/16
Look lads if durcan doesn't come up i'm getting up, leaving and digging a hole to bury myself in.
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