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    Is Larkin definitely coming up as he's the only English port on our course?? aimer

    What do ye think? sure at least one English poet has to come up each year and he's the only English one we have!

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      Kaelum Larkin

      What do you think??

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      Does Eliot count as English though? As he's classified as American-British

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      Larkin is on the syllabus for next year too so I think he is less likely than the other male poets, I think he'd come up next year instead

      I could be wrong but a lot of people are saying Durcan and Eliot as well as Yeats

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      But at least one English poet has to come up! ?

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      Nevermidn he's not on the syllabus next year but I still think he's less likely ^^

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      Sophicolvin , at least one English poet has to come up!

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      I didn't know that sorry! I thought it was only an Irish poet who had to!

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      And he's the only English poet but Eliot is classified as American-English? ?

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      At least one of each of thesE have to come up! American, Irish, Female, English

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      Personally eliot is more likely he hasn't been up since 2010 and it's his last year up I think plus by genre he is unlike any other poet that's on our course

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      Plus the chief examiner of English apparently loves eliot

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      Eliot became an English citizen, that would make him more English than American I believe

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