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    King Lear A man more sinned against than sinning? Conorcarty

    Key points for this essay please?

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      Lear is a deeply flawed character; he is arrogant and morally blind

      Lear's fatal flaw highlighted in first scene; His failure to see things as they really are (appearance vs. reality theme)

      Lear fails to see Goneril/Regan's false flattery - immediately drawn to their false compliments, fails to see Cordelia's kind nature and genuine love for her father (theme of blindness)

      Banishment of his most loyal and commendable friend, Kent. Kent highlights Lear's hubris and rash nature yet Lear disregard's him angrily to Kent's efforts to make him aware of his wrong doing in relation to Cordelia

      Lear is ego-centric and only concerned for himself.

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