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    King Lear Imagery and literature notes Sadbh

    If anybody has any good notes on this topic I'd be grateful if you could send them on.

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      Amanda April

      I have A LOT in my books. I could type out the key information for you. Though, please note that they are rather lengthy so I highly recommended that you copy and paste my entire reply into a Word Document. Then you may print it out, which you could also keep with yourself at school and highlight as you study over the papers. Would that be suitable for you?

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      Amanda April

      Also would you like the shorter or longer version? The shorter version has more condensed but all crucial information. The longer version goes into greater detail, though not everything is crucial, however you have greater freedom with how you study over it.

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      Hi Amanda I would be interested in those noes too if you still have them! I would be really grateful!

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      I would also be very interested in them notes

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      Aaron moriarty

      hi Amanda can I get them notes off you to please

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      Hi Amanda could I get the notes too please, it would be much appreciated!

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      Hi Amanda if you could send on the shorter notes that would be great as it would be easier for you. I will type them onto word and print them off thank you so much !

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      I also would be indebted to you for these notes. May I also receive a copy?

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      Hi Amanda if its not to much bother could you send them to me also, Thanks! Appreciate it

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      can i have those notes please

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      @amandaapril could I get them notes also please thank you!

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      H.mok.5yr@Hotmail .com

      Could I get them notes also please. Thank you!

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      @amandaapril could I please get the too please? Thank you.

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      @amandaapril any chance of getting those notes..cheers

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      Mc Dyer

      Do you mind sending me on notes too thanks

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      Joyce Rodgers


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      Hey Amanda, if you wouldn't mind sending those notes to me aswell please I would really appreciate it! Thanks a mill!

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