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    King Lear - Imagery and symbolism serena1411

    what would I talk about here? Could I talk about sight and blindness as symbols for Lear and Gloucesters blindness to their children??? And what could i say for imagery? Please

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      Animal imagery e.g. - 'Pelican daughters' animal imagery is used throughout the play to emphasis the actions by characters

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      thank you so much :)

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      No problem, Good luck !

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      Blindness and Seeing which is metaphorical for Lear and real for Gloucester

      Animal imagery which can be used to describe Goneril and Regan. It can also be used for Lear as he compares people to animals. It is not until Cordelia dies that he realises the true value of human life.

      Clothing can be used to symbolise poverty and power. Poor Tom (Edgar) vs Lear. Clothing is basically pomp and wealth and as Lear casts aside his clothes during the storm he is accepting that power corrupts people etc

      Hope this helped.

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      Thanks a million!

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