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King Lear Q predictions???
jackm1997 Leaving Cert English — 07/06/16 7

Anyone have any predictions on what sort of question will come up on King Lear higher level?

michaels — 07/06/16
There's a couple of things that might come up 1. Blindness 2. Dramatic Techniques 3. Values in the play 4. Female characters 5. The Fool 6. Themes/imagery/symbolism
Shan31997 — 07/06/16
Any useful notes on the values in the play and dramatic techniques?
Ayesha_8561 — 07/06/16
I heard The Fool and Coredila is coming up as one question
Gillian Hoey — 07/06/16
If I learnt imagery and kingship&justice would I be covered ?
Ktluvsmusic — 07/06/16
Personally I say know your themes know your characters know your symbols and know tour imagery and u will be sorted for anything it's about manipulation u can't possibly predict and learn stuff off, learn the necessary fundamentals of the play and combine your knowledge and formulate an answer that goes for every aspect of English
Ciara McMenamin — 07/06/16
Imagery is important, but i heard that the function of The Fool & Cordelia may come up..
Gillian Hoey — 07/06/16
Okay thanks a mill!
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