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lcstudent Leaving Cert English — 31/05/16 6

Lads I haven't done anything for king lear, please please help me. Any tips on how to study or what to study. Sample answers would be appreciated if anyone has any. Thanks

shauna0210 — 29/05/16
my teacher has symbols and images banked to come up or else the comparison of evil and good characters :)
Rebecca_9265 — 29/05/16
watch the movie I think its on youtube
Mark.Al28 — 29/05/16
Every year there's a character question and a question on the themes and symbols so know your characters if you choose to do the character question but know your themes and symbols if you choose to do that one
Hurab — 30/05/16
Ross_4845 — 31/05/16
Maybe Edmund and Edgar
liv_crosby — 31/05/16
Gloucester & Lear or The fool
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