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    LC Poetry - Paul Durcan - Higher Level - 5th Year Christmas Exam Study5thYear

    Hi, Fifth Year here. I've recently worked on Paul Durcan's poems in class, just over halfway through his poetry by the way.

    We'll be getting a LC standard question for the exam, and for that, we've been told to prepare to write at least 4-5 A4 Pages in about an hour. The thing is, we will not know ourselves what question about Paul D will be asked.

    Anyway, to Fifth Yrs and 6th Yrs who've done Durcan, or doing, does anyone know what to expect or discuss about through his poetry? A sample answer would be great as well, as I've been trying to search for one of those.


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      the lc usually focuses on themes and poetic techniques eg imagery. id try write points you could say for each eg repition in windall 8 parnell hill cork of home shows... the tone is nostalgic... ambiguity at the end of the poem.... and try to learn off reusable quotes

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      The leaving cert questions are usually formed so as to test the candidate's knowledge of poetry, so you will need to know the usual things like theme, imagery and then poetic techniques such as alliteration, assonance, and so on.

      If I was in fifth year and studying poetry, I'd be giving myself a good foundation to build on for next year. Learn a selection of his poems (5 - 6) and study each poem in detail. Know themes, important images, how language is used and what it effect has, how meaning is conveyed and then have examples of how poetic techniques are used (if applicable).

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