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    Lear Cormi

    any body have any help/solutions for 2006 HL English paper two Lear ii) question?

    'Reading or seeing Lear is a horrifying as well as an uplifting experience'? Please help.

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      Possible points:


      - Lear abuses his power irresponsibly in the love test

      - pain of filial ingratitude (‘sharper than a serpent’s tooth’)

      - Lear’s agony and madness are described in graphic terms

      - Gloucester’s blinding

      - treachery of Edmund, Goneril, Regan, etc.

      - deaths of Lear and Cordelia

      - imagery of violence, brutality, etc.


      - loyalty of Kent, the Fool, etc.

      - recovery of Lear and Gloucester from their moral blindness

      - Christian notions in the play

      - Lear’s social and philosophical insights

      - human resilience

      - Lear’s reconciliation with Cordelia

      - powerful and uplifting language

      - justice

      Taken from the marking scheme!

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