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Lear and length of unseen answer/poetry answer......thoughts
bio1 Leaving Cert English — 15/06/16 4

Anyone else find Lear qs a bit weird? They were neither character - for part i ie Gloucester and Lear (neither of which are heroes )- nor about a decent theme like humanity greed tragic heroism etc I just thought redemptive love was a little Cordelia orientated?? Both designed to throw people off I suspect but did anyone else basically do a Lear character essay for the Gloucester Lear q? What else..... how much did people write for the unseen and poetry?

CiaraD — 12/06/16
I did the redemptive love question.... My prescribed poetry was 4 1/2 pages my unseen was just over a page
Just_Do_It — 15/06/16
Enjoy your summer and delete your account when your last exam is over You know nothing
CiaraD — 15/06/16
...jon snow
bio1 — 15/06/16
Hahahha woah its a discussion page chill
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