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Literary genre.df
by Hhhhhhjjjji Leaving Cert English — 06/06/16 3

Your allowed talk about the setting in literary genre is this pretty much the same as what you would say for cultural context such as location time period???

Dam Erin — 06/06/16
Literary genre isn't up this year I believe, either Cultural Context or General Vision and Viewpoint. SO You are fine wit not doing LG!
Hhhhhhjjjji — 06/06/16
Sometimes they repeat the same question just gonna hope for cultural context
colleenwf — 06/06/16
Literary Genere is up this year , but as it came up last year it's not a high contender , however it's still one of three possibilities so I'd have it half learnt just in case. Setting is part of LG , just remember to talk about that it impacts how the story is told :-)!
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