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    maeve binchy circle of friends character descriptions :( vanessadeegan

    can someone please help me out with the character descriptions of circle of friends ??

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      Benny - Virtues: innocent, good humoured, moral and astute. Flaws: self-conscious and a hopeless romantic (initially)

      Eve - Virtues: Innocent like Benny, stoical, loyal. Flaws: Rash and quite stubborn.

      Nan - Virtues: Good-natured, charming and firm. Flaws: Superficial, selfish, unscrupulous and a petty social climber.

      Jack - Virtues: Extroverted, charismatic, genuine and sincere. Flaws: seems quite lost and purposeless, also is quite rash.

      I hope this helps to clarify the characters :)

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