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Only studying Bishop
CianON Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 17

Hows the odds?

michaels — 07/06/16
michaels — 07/06/16
Bishop comes up every three years and she came up in 2013 so it's her year
cooldude7878 — 07/06/16
Gowan hahaha Might be slightly risky but I hope it works out I love her aswell or Durcan
roisinj2 — 07/06/16
apparently she's off the course next year too, so it's their last chance to put her on...im focusing on her
CianON — 07/06/16
No, its Dickinson who's off the course next year... Might just cram her too.
ChristinaW97 — 07/06/16
Eliot hasnt come up since 2010
cara_lynch — 07/06/16
Ayesha_8561 — 07/06/16
Say Yeats will come up aswell
CianON — 08/06/16
Havant done Eliot or Durcan so they're off.
Molly121 — 08/06/16
Will they put up 2 female?
John smith234 — 08/06/16
one female has to come up, theres no rule that 2 will though.
ashes204 — 08/06/16
How risky is it to only study durcan?
AoifeM18 — 08/06/16
ashes204 it's Ni Chuilineain's last year on the course , she's only came up once last year & could be a wildcard
ashes204 — 08/06/16
@AoifeM18 Ní C is back on in 2018 though
Jamie004 — 08/06/16
I'm really hoping Bishop comes up. I think Dickinson will too but she's he'll to write about.
darkclouds_007 — 09/06/16
yeats/dickinson all the way!!!!
CianON — 09/06/16
I guess I grand anywag
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