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Paper 1 HL
Jessica188 Leaving Cert English — 06/06/16 7

Anyone have any predictions on this years theme?!

Mark.Al28 — 05/06/16
Refugees and migration
elise57 — 05/06/16
'Freedom' is a good possibility
Rachel_8010 — 05/06/16
I'd say freedom too. Maybe the importance of our culture but I think freedom is much more likely
ste — 05/06/16
your nannies decomposition
Sarah_7402 — 05/06/16
Freedom (hopefully, it was the theme of the DEB mock), Equality, Society, Revenge (I know it's not relevant to the news or anything but Revenge is a good theme), Culture
Jessica188 — 05/06/16
Thank you !
MerynMcNea — 06/06/16
Any idea of essay/short story titles from those themes?
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