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Poetry - E. Bishop & S. Plath
Remote2016 Leaving Cert English — 02/12/16 1

What is the best way to study two poets in two weeks before exams? I've studied them both last year. All I need to do is refresh my mind by reading each poem, learn off quotes and read sample essays. Is there a more productive way? I've only managed to read two poems (and write quotes)of Bishop in one hour.

ana_maria22 — 02/12/16
What I do myself is to read the poem once or twice, and then try to recall what was discussed in class about it.. Afterwards I'd make a spider web, where i have the poet in the middle, and on the outside i would have a couple of bubbles, in which you have the name of the poem and quick notes on it. At a glance they are really helpful as they can trigger back more information about it. Try to keep it as simple as possible with no complexities and focus on the following headings: Theme, Tone, Technique. If you take these headings for each poem, it would be really easy to pinpoint the necessary information about it, without having to read essays over and over again. You can also add into the bubble a quote or 2 max to help you without having to search for it in the poem and this way you are simplifying it without having to learn off the whole poem. Stick to quotes that could be used in all essays instead of learning off quotes that could only be used for one type of essay. As I said I do this myself and it is really helpful. You can go on Microsoft word> tab INSERT > Smart Art, and you can create a digital mind map , print it off and it's handy for before tests/exams and as a quick revision. This way, if you lose it, you have it saved on the computer , without having to re-do it. I started this mind map on John Donne , it isn't finished but this is the layout and structure I was describing earlier on, I have attached this, so, you can get a grasp of the digital mind map. I really hope this helped! :) Good Luck in your exams!
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