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    Poetry - How long should an answer be? itsmebecks

    My teacher says it has to be 7 pages ( crazy i know ) so what is the approx word count it should be? I was thinking 1000 but I'm not so sure!

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      yeah i think 1000 is about write. I write about 9 words to the line, each page has about 30 lines, and I usually just about get 4 pages. Unless he/she has incredibly big writing, i'd say 7 pages is far too long and would take up far too much time for the amount of marks allotted.

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      Sorry. I swear I'm in honours English.

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      haha, I'm sure you are!

      Thanks! :)

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      7 pages?????

      its like your teacher wants you to do bad

      my teacher`s advice

      spend no more than 1 hour and write no more than 5 pages

      remember quality not quantity

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      i am also in higher level

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      Hahaha I was in higher and I was only writing 2 + 1/2 pages and I was getting half the marks for the Q but now I'm in ordinary so 2 +1/2 pages is enough :)

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      thank you!

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