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    Poetry Predictions 2016 HontheLC

    Would Durcan, Yeats and Larkin be safe to study or who would else would be more likely to come up?


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      You need to study a female poet too! im guessing Bishop will come up , and Durcan, Larkin, and Yeats are my other predictions!

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      I havent studied Bishop unfortunately! Im not sure what other females might come up

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      Plath & Eilean Ni Chuilleanain are the other female poets on for this year as far as I know

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      Ive done Ní Chuil and Dickinson, would either of them be any use? Thanks for your help!

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      Ni chuil came up last year so she isnt expected

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      Thanks Aimee!

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      I havent done Dickinson or Ni Chuileanain , i done Plath and Bishop but id say they will be fine! Ni Chuileanain came up last year as far as I know but I heard that the examiners said no one answered the Q about her so you shouldnt rule her out completely :P

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      Was that the question on her last year? Im not a fan of her and i would probably leave her out anyways.. o you think Eliot could come up?

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      Yes it was last years one.. I havent studied Eliot either.. I done Plath, Bishop, Yeats, Durcan & Larkin.. Yeats is a possibility due to the 1916 rising anniversary this year, and Durcan and Larkin are both due up, not sure about the others!

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      Think Im going to go with them too an hope for the best.. Thanks for your help Shauna :)

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