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Poetry Questions
Mehak nasim Leaving Cert English — 07/05/16 11

Does anyone know how many poems to discuss in a poetry question ? i know its quality over quantity but just to be sure.

Orlait — 02/05/16
4 or 5 poems, obviously if you do 4 you'll need more info on each of them so I would recommend doing 5 in less detail!
Ciara Murphy 99 — 02/05/16
Agreed, think it is like between 4 and 6 depending on how much detail you go into! :)
E.Devitt — 03/05/16
Our teacher asked a chief examiner about this and you can get away with 2 or 3 if you know them well enough and have enough detail in your answers but you would be better off with around four. Depending on the poet
Mehak nasim — 03/05/16
yea thanks a lot, it really does depend on the poet I think
ashes204 — 05/05/16
Our teacher said between 4 and 6 depending on the question! How many poets are people studying? Which do ye think are most likely to come up?
Mehak nasim — 06/05/16
I'm personally studying Dickinson, Yeats, and bishop, but alot of people are saying that Yeats is too predictable because of the 1916 anniversary .
Orlait — 07/05/16
I think I'll learn Yeats, Durcan,
Orlait — 07/05/16
And bishop (but in truth I'll probably only learn one or two)
ashes204 — 07/05/16
@Orlait I'm the same!
Mehak nasim — 07/05/16
its likely that they'll put Yeats as the unseen poem
ashes204 — 07/05/16
@MehakNasim that's very true! Like a random yeats poem we haven't done yeah?
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