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Poets HL
KateFinnegan Leaving Cert English — 08/06/16 7

Am I ok if I just study yeats, bishop and durcan?

HelenaMcAlinden — 08/06/16
I'm basically going in just knowing those three and with a rough knowledge of plath just in case
KateFinnegan — 08/06/16
I don't know Plath at all.. but thanks
Jamie004 — 08/06/16
Plath probably won't come up anyway. She's been up the last few years. Dickinson is more likely.
curvy_deska211 — 08/06/16
What about larkin?
ddp.cronin — 08/06/16
is knowing 3 poems for each poet enough? i'm doing durcan larkin dickinson and i might study yeats but i don't like him as much
Qazwsxedc1234 — 08/06/16
If you do Durcan, Yeats and Ni Chuilleanain you should be fine. An Irish poet always comes up and they are the only three Irish ones!
PadiK — 08/06/16
Are they 100% the only Irish poets?
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