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    Poety- The guessing games begin. leavingcert15

    So, many people are trying to predict the poets that will make an appearance on this years paper.

    I have just done a tad bit of research into it, and the poet that appears to be the most likely to show for me is Thomas Hardy. He hasn't been up sine 2006? (correct me if I'm wrong) nor is he on the course for Leaving Certificates of 2016/17 or 18. This means his next possible appearance may not be until 2019.. meaning he wont have showed for 13 years unless he comes up for us. I also think Montague and Frost are quite likely, as well as Ní Chuillinean (spelling,sorry! ><) I dont seem to be seeing anyone else thinking that Hardy will show though. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions?!

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      What are the chances of Donne coming up do you think? I think Ní Chuilleanáin is likely as it's the first time she's on and if she doesn't come up this year she's almost definite next year, not sure if she's on for 2017. Not sure about Hardy, not doing him.

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      Personally, he'd be next on my list for priorities, but im not too sure! Ní Chuilleanáin is looking like a big possibility alright.

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      If one was to study Montague, Ní Chuilleanáin, Dickinson and Frost, what would you think regarding being safe for the exam?

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      Da Boii

      @niamh_mcn- Worst case scenario only one of your choices comes up. Then there is the possibility that a really hard question comes up on the one poet that suits you and you have no other choice apart from that question. Whereas if you studied 5 or 6 poets that would increase your choices to at least two.

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      I doubt Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin will come up she is way too predictable!

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      Kate Stapleton

      I'm studying Frost, Montague,Dickinson and Yeats... Frost will definately come up i'd say!!

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      I'd say Hardy, Montague , Frost and ENC ...yeats plath and Dickinson came up last year so I wouldn't be relying on them for this year

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      Donne, ENC, Montague and Frost. Wildcard Yeats seeing as its his 150th birthday this year !!

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      Eiléan Ni chuilleanáin will DEFINITELY be coming up because shes on next years course, adn they'll need an exam question for studying !

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      I'm thinking Hardy or Donne! But I'm also studying Yeats and Frost, that's enough right?

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      Hardy, NÍ Chuilleanin and possiblly Frost and Yeats. They need a female and dickinson is very unlikely and plath has came up lat year.

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      Anyone know any good sources for sample answers on FROST or general notes on his poems?

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      A female poet has to come up every year, and theres only 3 females on the course this year, unless the SEC are gonna be serious d**ks its very unlikely for plath to come up. Im studying dickinson hardy and nichuilleanain in detail and keeping plath there just in case

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      does anyone think im mad for learning just Frost, Montague and Dickinson???

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      Yeats will come up, he was on last years but he will be on this years due to his 150th birthday.

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      Im studying Yeats, Frost,Dickinson,Plath and Ni Chuileanain,!

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      yeats wont come up!!... 100 years after the rising is next year and he is on for next year..

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      Dickinson and Plath = Most likely no since they were on last year.

      I'd say Frost and Montague 100% since they're not on after that for a good few years.

      Also Ní Ch. since there has to be a female poet.

      I bet Yeats is on next year since that's 100 years since the Rising. It would be weird if neither him or Ní Ch. are in it this year because it would be very odd.

      Also, it'll be his last time on the exams for a while! ( )

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      would i be covered if i just knew ni chuill. dickinson and montauge ?

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      @summerhill I'd say you would! I'm almost positive Montague will be on anyways

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      Why is everyone skipping over hardy?? Isn't there a high chance he will come up??

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      Hardy has a huge chance of coming up! He hasn't been on the paper since 2006 and isn't on the course again until 2019. Surely he has to come up?

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      I only have Montague & Ní Chuilleanáin prepared.... is that madness?

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      Is these for honours or ordinary level

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      i know ENIC and Frost in detail anyone think id be covered?

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      I would cover more to be safe

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      I would cover more to be safe @eimearking1

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      eilean ni chuillean is definetly coming up as every paper has an irish poet and she is the only poet on this years course and also she was on the mock paper. Donne, Montague, Frost are the others poets my teacher predicted to come up and she has been right everytime on the poet that's appear for leaving cert. hope that helps. Good luck everyone for tomorrow

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      Yeats and Montague are Irish as well. The mock paper isn't anyway connected with the real one so the fact that she came up on that doesn't mean anything.

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      I hope to god that donne comes up as hes my favourite, otherwise im doing montague and eileen ni chuilleanin, does donne come up often?

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      Eileen ni chuilleanin and Montague came up never been happier

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      I was right lad 80% lads

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      Thank you

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      Coming back here to gloat on my predictions :D

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      me too lol! hit it at 100% >:)

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