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    Anybody have any predictions in King Lear, Comparative and the Poetry questions?

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      Do you know?

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      The Fool, Cordelia, Sight & Blindness, Theme of Love, Justice & Corruption, Imagery & Symbolism, Men vs Women

      Yeats, Bishop, Durcan, TS Eliot

      I think it'll be Cultural Context and General Vision. Know at least 2 and you're guaranteed a question

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      How do you know this?

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      what are the topics discussed under cultural context

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      Just predictions, it's hard to know for certain but look at what has come up in previous years and what has come up in both mock papers and make a stab at it.

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      For King Lear, do you mean to say cordelia. I also don't understand the role of 'weather' in a comparative. Do you know the other 3 poets?

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      There is no mention of weather in any of my texts. Is it CC or GVV. Plus curran is a mere messenger that only appears in a line or so. All these topics appear to be very rectricted.

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      Have you any notes on curran because all through the 2 years, we've just talked about the sisters, Lear and all the other royals. Also, who else is up for poetry apart from Durcan.

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      I'm surprised there's no Yeats. Thank god I'm doing Durcan because I've none of the others prepared!

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      Do you have notes on curran??

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      if anyone actually believes Mr X your an idiot

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      How now cli90 mend thy speech

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      I know, I was just playing along. I knew something was fishy as soon as weather was mentioned - I thought comparatives had broad titles??!!

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      Is dickinson a strong possiblity?..

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      Yeats - his last year. Durcan- his first year. Bishop - homosexual- to honour the gay referendum.

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      Insa333 that is a load of jargon, I suspect you will fall below the bell curve on the day of the exam while I will rise, arise and go now and go to inisfree

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      Stay grounded, over confidence will only pull you down!

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      Thanx insa333. I have learnt yeats and durcan. Better get started with bishop.

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      Yeah. Curran coming up is very, very slim. He has only about 7 lines. Also, weather is way too specific. So, if anybody actually has any predictions, that would be much obliged.

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      I haven't done Lear as my single text but I think it'll be Yeats Durcan Bishop and Eliot!

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      (Just predictions our teacher made..)Role of women, cordelia and the fool, perhaps even lear and gloucester comparison and imagery + symbolism in relation to themes...hope that helps.

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      A very close family friend works for one of the leading printing companies in Ireland(will remain unnamed) and they happened to see one of the two possible English papers. Two are created in case of emergency. I myself am in college but thought I'd share my knowledge as I know what you are going through. Character question on King Lear is on the minor characters in the play they give examples like Cornwall,Albany,Oswald and Curran. The second question is very abstract and is the reason I am posting this;if you were a directing a movie version of King Lear how would you portray character development,madness and what actors and what props would you use.

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      I know two of the poetry questions so just ask away and you will receive.

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      I cant beleive it i saw the exact same paper while working. Me and my mate danny work in A printing factory in an industrial estate in dublin and we were dealing with an incoming shipment for the SEC from the UK (they dont print the booklets in ireland but they send them all around to the factories in ireland for finalising and making sure there are no errors) anyway, danny being the absoloute maniac he is swiped one of the booklets!, and we got a cheeky peek at the exam questions and it was the exact same as above^

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      I for one am going to drop everything and study everything you guys said. Thanks for the potential b!

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      Regardless of the "maniac" Danny you my friend are a fool for looking at the papers. However thank you for backing up my previous point. I hope to see a few of you English students roaming the halls of Trinity next year and perhaps give me a simple tip of the hat for aiding a fellow scholar.

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      Harold it's been a pleasure,with a bit of hard work in these approaching hours I have no doubt you will get that b. Perhaps ring your teacher and demand for him to teach you this material.

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      What poetry qs are coming up? 😁

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      English.lit., what are the poetry questions and shine some light on the comparative modes please!

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      Pretty sure either his account got banned or he deleted it hahaha.

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      Conor_4689, what else can you tell us about the paper??

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      They're not telling the truth guys!

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      Insa333 ask away and i will reveal all

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      Who are the poets. What about the comparative modes. Also clarify the King Lear question on the minor characters?

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      hot tip of the day is that the comparative questions are going to be literary genre and theme & issue. Poets are Plath, Ní Chuilleanáin, Dickinson, and Larkin (and no - I'm not having a lark!!!). As mentioned above, Lear is 1) dramatic function and human qualities of the character of Curan, and 2) how you would adapt the play for a modern audience. Best of luck.

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      Are you having a laugh - theme and issue is not a mode!!

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      Just seeing if you were paying attention ;) Word is that general vision & viewpoint will make an appearance along with literary genre, although I personally hope not.

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      I don't understand how a person can write a whole essay on curran. He's just a minor messenger. I won't be studying the above poets as I feel Durcan and Yeats have a good chance

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      Who even is Curran in King Lear....? :(

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      Lol, for a start the exam papers are printed in Athlone, not Dublin. Don't believe a word of that rubbish.

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      There finalised in Dublin , you are uneducated about the printing business

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      Seriously, 3 female poets? That's hilarious. Well played.

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      My guess is Yeats, Eliot, Durcan, Dickinson. If Yeats or Durcan appear on Paper 1 then I would substitute them with Bishop

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      I'm with you on that one 1282. What are your thoughts on the comparative. I'm having a hard time understand GVV. I feel it's so similar to CC

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      Although curran has few lines he is referenced throughout the play. Some say he is really a figment of Kents imagination as he loses his mind. I would defintley look

      at notes on him. I'm fairly certain the poets are ni chuillihean, Plath, Eliot and Bishop. The comparitivebus CC and of the questions regards how weather,clothes,food and music give us a greater understanding of the world of the text.

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      1282 you are a sexist bafoon. We live in a day and age where everyone is equal so why not for once be actually three female poets. You are a narrow minded ignorant fiend.

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      Quite right there English.lit. I feel the SEC are living in the stoneage, this is 2016 for crying out loud. The sexist pigs at the SEC would only put 3 female poets on the course the day pigs fly!!

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      Does Eliot count as being English? ?

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      This is all lies

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      For cultural context is it not the same information you put in your essay each time discussing poverty politics and role of men and women etc? and work it around the question?

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      What do you do for General Vision and Viewpoint

      And is there always a question on Characters in King Lear?

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      I feel really sorry for anyone who listened to any of these spoofers before the exam earlier especially English.lit.

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