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    Quotes for poetry sryan97

    does anyone know which quotes to learn for each poet?

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      if i was you id choose carefully which poets you're gonna learn, or example sylvia plath has come up the past two years so they're more than likely not gonna put her up for a third. id just rewrite each poem (short ones anyway) and highlight whatever ones you think are most important in the poem. you don't have to quote the entire thing because then you will just be telling the examiner the poem instead of discussing and relating it back to the question asked.

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      Thanks very much :) that is a good idea :)

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      no problem !:)

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      Work on writing different themed paragraphs with integrated quotes.for example, I might write a paragraph on Frost's connection with nature as one paragraph, discuss 2 poems in it, and while Im writing have the poems open in front of me. Then id integrate as many short quotes as i could. You are more likely to remember quotes if theyre in context with a point or within your own writing. Also, your focus should be om Ni Chuilleanain, Montague and Frost for this year.

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