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    Shakespeare 2016 podge98


    I'm doing my leaving cert next summer, 2016. My teacher says that we are doing Othello, Red Dust Road and Juno as part of our comparative. We are doing Great Gatsby as our single text.

    King Lear is the prescribed Shakespearean drama for 2016. After talking to a teacher from another school. He told me that you have to King Lear whether it be in comparative or single text study.

    Can anyone tell me do I have to do KIng Lear.

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      yes u have to do king Lear

      it will come up as studied drama guaranteed

      u can study a different play for comparative as it is not as detailed

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      Are you certain of this?

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      Your texts are fine they fit the criteria I posted previously

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      It is necessary to study a Shakespearean drama as ether part of the compatitave or a single text. For the single text king Lear is the only option for Shakespeare whereas if you are doing the Shakespearean text as part of the comparitave you can do King Lear or Othello which is what your teacher is doing

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      It's just usually the normal thing to study the Shakespeare text as the single text but your teacher has chosen to do Shakespeare as part of the comparative instead

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