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    single texts, comparitive, shakespeare etc michellemcc98

    im repeating next year, and this year I have done great Gatsby, citizen kane, big Maggie and king lear. the year that I will be going in to have done the kings speech, hamlet, foster and the plough and the stars. it there any way I can tie in the texts that I have done this year with the new ones or would I be better to jut start again with the new ones?

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      start again

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      The list of prescribed texts for 2017 is different to the list of prescribed texts for 2016. Google those terms and you will see what I mean. Mostly you will have to begin again with new texts. You will have to double check this, but off the top of my head you could keep Gatsby and Big Maggie, but Citizen Kane is not on the syllabus for 2017. Also, Hamlet is the Single Text for 2017. You will absolutely have to change your Single Text to Hamlet, otherwise you will have no question to answer on the paper in 2017.

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