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So what poets are you all studying?
Amanda April Leaving Cert English — 28/11/16 7

Every year, assured teachers and anxious students do their best to guess what prescribed poets will appear on the last pages of those ugly pink exam papers. It's a doomed cycle we all experience and contemplate, even all the way up until the famous Paper 2 day. With those 2017 exams around the corner to ruin our summer while everyone else is planning their holidays, you want to be really, really, really sure of your poet choices to prevent yourself from cry the season away with regrets. Now, quite obviously, you can almost certainly guess what I'm going to ask... *ahem* Which word-playing, emotionally crippled writer (a poet, duh) are you studying? How many? And who is your best bet to show up? And why/what's the reasons for studying them? Personally, I am largely betting on Eavan Boland definitely being on that paper. And why? Well, she is an Irish poet! But not is she only an Irish poet, she is a female poet AND alive. The famous and unconfirmed myth among teachers and students is that when in it comes to poet selection, there will be one female poet and/or one Irish poet on the papers. And so far this has proven to be true for several years.

Amanda April — 25/11/16
*continuing on because I pressed 'publish' accidentally* However, even if Eavan Boland will not be the candidate for an Irish poet, there is another one on the prescribed list: Paul Durcan. Although, keep this in mind: Paul Durcan was on for 2016 and prescribed again for 2018, therefore the chances for him to be on the papers again is quite doubtful. Thus as it stands, Boland might as well be our Irish poet for the year. So then, who is our lady poet that might be along our Irish poet? Well there are 2 female poets left: Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath. Although again, keep in mind: Elizabeth Bishop was on for 2016. Poets rarely repeat, even though it has happened before a few times before. Ironically, it was Sylvia Plath who repeated for two years in a row! It's been a while since we saw Plath, so she could be the one. But then remember that Elizabeth Bishop could pull of a Sylvia Plath-move and sneak onto the papers again. I bet the State Exam Commissions had a good laugh in the office when they decided the prescribed poets list - oh, those devils! So to conclude my rant, I am 100% positive the chances are largely on Eavan Boland, Paul Durcan, Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath. Perhaps 2 or 3 of them could appear on the papers, but one of them is definitely it! What do you think?
John4853 — 25/11/16
Definitely agree with you the poets that I'll be learning of is Boland for sure and plath. And maybe bishop kinda don't see her repeating but you never know and also she also came up a good bit in past leaving cert exams so doesn't really make sense if she appears again instead of the likes plath who hasn't came up as much compare to bishop but as I said again they could trick us so prob will learn Bishop just to be safe. There is also a chance of hopkins coming aswell if anyone likes his poetry I particularly don't like his poetry so I wont learn him off. So basically Bishop and Plath big chance and although there is a chance of bishop repeating again if you think about it she came up a good times before so don't really see the State exams putting her again only because she came up a good few times already that's just my opinion. Anyone agree?
Amanda April — 26/11/16
Actually, if you go back on every single exam paper since the establishment of the current English syllabus, there was ALWAYS one Irish poet AND one female poet AND one non-Irish, non-female, dead poet. Sometimes there was were 2 Irish or female poets or foreign male/dead poets.... or sometimes there were 2 of both! There was NEVER a year this did not apply to. This is how it has always been since its establishment. Therefore, when choosing a poet, I believe the safest thing to do is pick the Irish poets and the female poets. In this case, our choices are Eavan Boland, Paul Durcan, Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath because if the 1-Irish-1-female rule continues to apply, two of the four SHOULD be there. Alternatively, you could choose to study classical dead poets with Irish poets, or classical dead poets with female poets, although this would mean you have a lot more poets to cover. Classical-Irish means you need to cover 6 poets, and Classical-Female means you need to cover 7. And be honest, no one is going to know that many poets equally well enough.
John4853 — 26/11/16
In my view I just dont see Boland comeing up again as she has came up too many times before thats not to say that she wont repeat herself. So then I'll be learning off Boland,Plath and Durcan and then maybe Bishop
flashgut — 26/11/16
None.... I do ordinary
Antman9000 — 28/11/16
What about Hopkins? I feel like he has a good chance of coming up. hate Bishop and Durcan so I really dont want to study for them
John4853 — 28/11/16
Yes also chance of him coming up but I don't like his poetry
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