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Studying 3 poets?
cian_rellis Leaving Cert English — 14/11/16 15

How many poets would be sufficient to study? I know every year an Irish poet and a Female poet have come up, so I am planning to study : Boland, Plath, and Bishop. Will I get away with this? What are you studying?

E.Devitt — 07/11/16
Study minimum 5, 6 is more ideal
studybuddy15 — 07/11/16
Perhaps you should have 5-6 poets studied just for if worse comes to worse but in my opinion 5-6 essays is too much to have very well learned off so I would agree with you cian to know the 3 female poets that at least 1 have a definite chance in coming up and know them inside and out. That would be my plan as well but be sure to still have a fair idea of the other poets. It's a bit risky in the case that the question asked makes no sense to you but all the questions are always similar in a way that you can mutate your personal answer to suit it. Hope this helps
cooldude7878 — 07/11/16
How are you reducing it already to be fair you still have ages left! don't do a Paddypowers on it which is what you're doing if you only do 3.
shanemacken2000 — 07/11/16
My teacher recommends to us that (next year), we only learn 3 because it's impossible to know 5 or 6 inside and out. When you think about it, single text and comparative are worth more marks so put the time you'd spend doing those 2 or 3 extra poets into them. I would recommend to you learn Plath, Boland and Donne. If you want to spring for four, Hopkins or Keats is a good option.
studybuddy15 — 07/11/16
@Cooldude7878 you can't say that you have ages left cause the year flu by and why would you waste your time studying unnecessary poets when you already know that 1 of three female poets is guaranteed to come up. There's no risk in the sense that one of them might not come up. You just want to be sure that you know all three of them well enough that you could answer any sort of exam question on them
John4853 — 07/11/16
Boland,plath and hopkins are the 3 i'll be studying and they prob have the most chance coming up don't really see bishop as she came up last year
studybuddy15 — 08/11/16
I just noticed that Durcan is the only male Irish poet on our course this year. Is it safe to say then that he will definitely come up on our paper even though he came up last year (there have been 2 repeats of poets in the past 7 years so it is possible)? Or does Boland also count as one of the irish poets which would mean that we would be safe to study boland, plath and durcan as our 3 main poets?
John4853 — 08/11/16
Yes also for boland I think the question that could be asked for us will be a personal response to Boland or write about her theme in her poems or discuss the imagery in her poems. As in 2011 the q asked about her precise use of language then 5 years from that in 2005 the q asked to write an appeal of Boland's poetry. That's just my predication for what kind of q can come up for us, any other thoughts?:)
shanemacken2000 — 08/11/16
I don't see Durcan coming up for 2017. I'm 5th year and he's also on my course. 4 of our poets are on your course (Boland, Durcan, Hopkins, and Keats) so I would imagine that you should take that into consideration when studying them.
shanemacken2000 — 08/11/16
Donne and Plath I would say have a great chance because Donne hasn't been on in over 8 years and Plath hasn't been on in nearly 3 years.
studybuddy15 — 09/11/16
Could Boland represent the irish poet then instead of Durcan or does it have to be male? They are the only 2 irish poets on our course this year.
John4853 — 09/11/16
I think boland most likeLy will come up
shanemacken2000 — 09/11/16
Apparently the Irish poet, female poet and dead poet having to come up is a myth (so my teacher says). Even if it is, it would be likely for at least two to come up.
studybuddy15 — 09/11/16
My teacher says the same thing but its every year proven to be true
flashgut — 14/11/16
Lololol .... I'll be here laughing after the leaving cert when all u guys learn only three and none of them come up..... I'll also be laughing because I'll be doing the ordinary level exam
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