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    Sylvia Plath essay studybuddy15

    I have to do an essay on Sylvia Plath. Any advice on how to answer the question would be much appreciated:

    Give your personal response to the poetry of Sylvia Plath, describing the impact of the poems upon you. Support your answer by relevant quotation from the poems you have studied.

    Here are some possible areas that you might focus on in your answer:

    • Her themes, for example love and despair.

    • The anguished voice of some of her poems.

    • The startling imagery and symbolism employed in the poems.

    • Her skill as a poet.

    • The relationship between her life and her poetry.

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      Give an intro, in it include a brief overview of the themes in her poetry and her features of style. In each paragraph address something different and try to make the end lead into the next paragraph. Show where each feature of style/theme is seen and where it is most prevalent (which poem). And as you go along be sure to address how these features and themes impact on you as that is what the question actually asks.

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      Thank you E.Devitt

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