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    the great gatsby help please johnroberts983

    so i know like nothing on the great gatsby and the exam is in 3 days..... what do you recommend I do (I'm doing HL too lol)

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      ur gonna need 2 kno quotes that usually hav 2 do w a character. usually a q could be who was your fave/how did x character change as the novel/something surprising you learned abt them...anyway its important u can change ur answer to fit w/ what they ask you. the character i usually answer on in older paper questions would b Daisy Buchanan - u basically say how she was thought of as super perfect/beautiful/a prize/unobtainable etc but by the end of the book it is realised (by nick & by gatsby but that mofo is dead) she was a gold digger/flawed/materialistic. qutoes that would work are

      -her voice is full of money - gatsby (the influence of daisys wealth on her as a person)

      -that scene where gatsby shows off his shirts and daisy cries (materialistic/realises what shes missed out on)

      -they were careless people, tom and daisy... - idr the whole quote its by nick tho near the end

      -not rlly a quote but the fact she didnt even turn up to gatsbys wedding and let him take the blame for her decimatin that woman .what was her name. myrtle.

      then questions abt the story itself and how the theme changes or develops..? u can actually fit in daisy as an example as to the materialism of the times/oppression of women(daisy saying she hoped her daughter would be a "beautiful little fool" or smth)/ how all the glitz and glamour was nothing (again so many went to gatsbys party but not his funeral and they didnt even kno what he looked like) those examples can work for questions like did u enjoy this novel/what did you learn (i enjoyed it bcos i learnt that the elegant carefree lifestyle of the roaring 20's, supposedly full of optimism and opportunity, was anything but. It really opened my eyes as to....blah blah blah, above examples)

      anyway this is like. way 2 long and if ur not used 2 my style of typin its hard to understand but youll need key quotes and a basic understanding of the story (watch the movie maybe?) so tht u can use those quotes to expand ur points

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      thx for help bro x

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