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Think I messed up in English
Nicolafx Leaving Cert English — 12/06/16 6

For my essay I chose useless clutter but I wrote about body image, homelessness and inequality about how it shouldn't exist in today's world i referenced to the title quite a lot but people are saying it doesn't make sense??

JohnathanB — 11/06/16
Nah not at all, once you twisted it around to make it suit. I did useless clutter too, I did it on nature, literature, heartbreak, family etc, once you referred to the q you'll be grand.
michaels — 11/06/16
It's kinda sketchy
dylan1999 — 11/06/16
I was not happy with paper 2. The General Vision and Viewpoint which my teacher said was going to be asked was replaced by literacy genre which I did not study. And I hated the two King lear question did half of part one and left
Aisling072 — 11/06/16
What you wrote definitely matches the title, I wrote about depression,anxiety,peer pressure and exam pressure we should be fine
1282 — 11/06/16
you took it as an abstract approach rather than clutter regarding a noun only. They could reward you as the idea of 'clutter' is very ambiguous.
Nicolafx — 12/06/16
Thanks everyone :)
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