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to drop to ordinary or not HELP
Sean_2081 Leaving Cert English — 06/06/16 9

I only got 40% on mock papers I did should I drop to ordinary or not please help

joannemkz — 05/06/16
no don't, people always do better in the real thing than the mocks
Pborel21 — 05/06/16
drop never leave to chance
jamielovesmusic123 — 05/06/16
I would stick with it if you think you will JUST ABOUT scrape the D3. If not, drop to ordinary level where you might get an even better grade...
student331 — 05/06/16
It's only your Junior Cert. I think stick to HL. Try your best. If your result turns out to be bad, then drop down to OL for your Leaving Cert.
student331 — 05/06/16
Oh sorry, I thought this was the JC thread. Ignore my comment.
naomiom — 05/06/16
No do not drop
Benmartin — 05/06/16
emerv — 06/06/16
Drop, you need English for every course in college, unless you think that you'll pass it...
Sean_2081 — 06/06/16
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