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What essays are people learning for King Lear?
CeliaReynolds Leaving Cert English — 05/06/16 4

Ok so I´ve prepped these so far, but are there any major ones I´m missing that I should do? King Lear character development Villainous characters vs Virtuous ones Mainplot vs Subplot Theme of Madness I was going to then do as well, ´why king lear is relevant today´ and maybe something about the importance of love/ blindness imagery but idk

Aislingx98 — 05/06/16
can you send me your answer on mainplot vs subplot
CeliaReynolds — 05/06/16
i only have it written down sorry!
hazelclix — 05/06/16
Maybe the function/role of Cordelia and the Fool. My teacher reckons that could come up and I went to a revison course for King Lear and the teacher there said Cordelia and the Fool also. Imagery in King Lear is good to learn also I'd say. :)
CeliaReynolds — 05/06/16
Oooh yeah youre so right, ill get on that, thanks!
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