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What Poets are people studying?
larabrennox Leaving Cert English — 21/05/16 11

Planning on just doing 4, Durkan, Bishop, and Yeats very well and then Ni Chillineain as a 4th. Is that cutting it too fine? what are they most likely 4? thanks

michaels — 17/05/16
I'm going to do all male poets and Bishop
Amanda April — 17/05/16
Dickinson, Yeats, Eliot, Bishop, Larkin & Durcan
Dylan98 — 18/05/16
Yeats, Durcan, Bishop and Ní Chuilleanáin.
Venner101 — 18/05/16
gnomeo and Juliet
ElSquarbo — 18/05/16
I'm planning on studying the poems of Kanye West xoxo - ElSquarbo
hazelclix — 18/05/16
Durcan, Yeats, Bishop and Dickinson and Plath. If you learn five you're guaranteed to know at least one of them :)
Yoshmyster96 — 19/05/16
Yeats,Dickinson and Plath
Aimeeohara — 19/05/16
Yeats, Dickinson, Bishop, Plath and Elliot
Mark.Al28 — 20/05/16
Dickinson bishop and Plath and you should be very safe tbh...that's all I'm doing
Sandler — 20/05/16
I'm doing Yeats and Marshall Mathers
Kian — 21/05/16
Bod Geldof is on this year! Because of the 1916 100th there's a Geldof a question about his music and artistic work, so learn him you should be grand!!! I'm also doing durcan aswell.
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