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Would I get away with 3 poets
michaels Leaving Cert English — 08/06/16 8

Durcan, Yeats and TS Eliot I looked over all poets from 2005-2015 and at least 2 male poets come up each year and in some cases three come up. Is it a good idea?

Úna_8280 — 06/06/16
Yeah do whatever you want
minim — 06/06/16
You are taking a risk. I think we will see a lot of women this year on the paper. I think Yeats is unlikely and who knows with eliot. Durcan likely but God knows what kind of question. Would you study one more to be safe???
michaels — 06/06/16
Yeah I'm going to study Larkin too
minim — 06/06/16
Good idea. And good luck.
marie tynan — 06/06/16
if you study 2 female poets eg. plath and bishop, at least one will come up ...
cara_lynch — 07/06/16
Eliot, Durcan, Dickinson
minim — 07/06/16
Marie. No logic in your point whatsoever. What if only one woman appears and it is neither of those or there could be two and still neither of those.
AoifeM18 — 08/06/16
focus on Lear & comparative the most
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