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    French Keeley

    What's the adjectif possessif??

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      hiya r u good at french

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      saveeyon blonc see voo play our i vwaaaa

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      I am why do you ask?

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      im going to fail and im looking on all these websites for help with french and maths

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      Ok for French you really need to pay attention in class it's key!! Secondly make a revision copy of oral work,all your sample opinion pieces, diary entries, formal letters etc, then a good grasp of verbs is essential!! Then keep practicing past papers it's the only way to improve

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      Don't know if you still need this answer, but as far as I know the adjectif possessitif is the possessive MY brother

      Frere- MON frere

      It describes who/what owns the noun

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      Thanks a mill didn't have a clue what it was!!

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