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    Mocks... AoifeMarie

    does anyone have any tips for me on doing French essays... like the main topics I should learn, or what I should learn for them etc....please! thanks!

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      do one thing!

      1) state if you agree/oppose the statement give.

      2) learn all the best phrases you like (use ur opinion of the topic)

      3)make out the list of sentences you can use in every essay/topic

      that will help you gain marks

      I learned my starting papragrph and ending ---Link up the topics its easier

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      thanks a million! I am terrible at writing the essays!

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      what beginning and ending cud you use for all essays though?? :/

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      YEAH like if they link in with the sentences like

      i agree with this statement because (what) it has to link with the title

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      starting is like intro to the topic and any essay

      ending is your conlcusion, if you have this you just neeed to learn the mid part(like describing the event and giving one or two examples on it,.

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      thanks :) really appreciate it :)

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