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    A1 document ideas???? molly6578

    please i want something original but simple

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      Do something that is unique to you mate

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      our teacher recmmended a sports person, singer,favourite movie with a particular scene you enjoyed.. personally i'm doing a a trip to paris I took during the year. There's lots of info on holidays etc :)

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      Sounds s'well mate. But if you do a document you will be marked very hard on it my teacher told me but I rather do a document

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      Do a document obviously that you have an interest in. Sports, music, cars, politics(Bexit,Tump) Maybe pick a document that has more than one picture on it that are from two completely different topics. Do this so that if you are in the exam and you forget one or two things then you can switch over to the other picture and Doing something original is good as examiners hate listening to the same crap all day. Be unique from the rest.

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      Qwertyuiop poo

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      Man this Qwertyuiop poo guy is definitely gonna be on the dole

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      Patricia McGrath

      as an experienced french teacher, my advice is that the more general topics such as holidays, sport etc are broad and more difficult to cover. A topic that has worked well for our students in Hewitt College is that of an inspirational person.

      this link should give you some ideas......

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      thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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