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Any topic predictions for higher level opinion pieces
Elizabeth O' Brien Leaving Cert French — 14/06/16 7

I know the range of topics but was just wondering if anyone has any predictions to help a quick revision the night before?

johnroberts983 — 14/06/16
doping terrorism migrants obesity
johnroberts983 — 14/06/16
josh — 14/06/16
can anyone send me notes on doping in sports?
johnroberts983 — 14/06/16
https://gyazo.com/80afde7d20ab6b250294abf4994a9a49 there you go
Izzy_4926 — 14/06/16
does anyone have a sample essay on obesity?
Josh_6535 — 14/06/16
I do Izzy
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Any one have notes on environment please send x smythkaren98@gmail.con
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