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    Can I do it in 1 year Maggiemoo82

    Hi everyone im heading into leaving very and i want to do homec and biology teaching which requires 510 points I need to do French for this which I don't do. I did ordinary In junior certand only got a C so I was wondering g will I be able to do it in 1 year

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      I'm of the opinion that you can 100% do it. Its obviously going to be very difficult and you will have to work hard but you will get there. I've done the leaving this year and can say that in fifth year I didnt work that hard in french but this year I managed to cram it all in. For essays etc its just a matter of learning off key vocab and sentences to use, but you would really need to focus on your oral, verbs and tenses, tape work. And the fact you have some vocab already is good, I would definitely recommend that you get french grinds though for the extra help though as it really helped me. Good luck:)

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      I have notes at €12 per subject ..

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