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document ideas??
molly6578 Leaving Cert French — 14/10/16 3

need help please

liamogshanahan — 02/10/16
Our teacher said to do abstract stuff like a photo of a polar bear on an ice cap. It could be brought into a long learnt essay about the environment. That kind of thing. Personally don't know what I want to do it on but I will probably do something a little different like this. Best way to actually not bore the poor examiner to death
Virgiliu_5826 — 09/10/16
why not use one of your personal pictures and describe it
pearlie.whites — 14/10/16
do something that you have an interest in. if you love animals bring a picture of a cat and discuss animal cruelty or your favorite pet . its easier to talk about something you like , it will come out more naturally . DON'T LIE. its hard enough to remember a lie in English let alone french. hope you find this helpful.
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