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    French document appa

    Hi! As a fifth year student the topic I have chosen to do is based upon french and irish festivals but I am not sure as to whether if it is an ideal topic to choose for the oral! Please could anyone offer me any advice at all? Any advice will be highly appreciated:)

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      what are the documents and how do they work?

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      Well prior to the oral you can prepare a set of images, brochures pictures etc based on a particular topic e.g cooking and on these images you can prepare a range of sentences to explain your document to the examiner. It's really the only part of the oral over which you can have total control as you have everything prepared beforehand! However the examiner may not ask to see your document but in most cases they do. It is however not essential.

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      @appa okay thanks! I have my french oral in less than 4 weeks so I should probably have known this! Would you recommend bringing a document? And what type of topic should it be?

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      Maybe you should consult your french teacher about this topic as being a fifth year I am not very enlightened in this subject! However I would definitely recommend bringing a document. But I am presuming you are a sixth year so perhaps concentrating on a french document at this time maybe a little risky! However if you are willing to go ahead with the document I recommend you choose a topic you are truly passionate about e.g football ,swimming, a recent holiday you enjoyed? I hoped this helped. Good luck with your oral:)

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      @appa okay thank you! Best of luck to you too!

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      You should ask your teacher but it sounds a good idea because when they ask you about summer or hobbies you can easily bring it into the conversation! It's also original so that will work in your favour

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