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    French Oral Last Few minutes???? Harry123

    just wondering what sort of questions are likely to be asked in the last minute or so of the oral, and what sort of vocab will i need? like what tenses?

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      You will need future subjunctive tense.

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      There is no future subjunctive :)

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      Sorry I meant past subjunctive

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      thanks but do you know any specific topics that might come up? like the olympics or the immigration etc?

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      No it generally depends on the conversation. If you never mention sport for example it is unlikely that the Olympics will be asked

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      They always ask past, present, future and conditional questions

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      we dont do past subjonctive on the leaving cert course its only present subjunctive.

      And if you learn topics such as terrorism and try to bring them into the convo that will impress the examiner

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