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    Hors-sujets! lollb1998

    Hi! Just wondering , cause my french teacher always complains about me doing "hors-sujets" (going off topic) in my essays, but i wanted to know, in reality, can they penalise you in the real LC in June or not really? Thanks! :-)

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      yes, you can lose some marks pretty heavily if you go off topic too much. make sure to link back everything you say to the question and you should be fine

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      @thesinisterone Thanks! Will do that! ;-)

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      Of course you lose marks for going off topic, everything you say must be related to the question. Don't just stick in a sentence anywhere because you have it learned off. Try to learn off sentences that are applicable to everything, but at the same time you do need to study some abstract topics and learn specific vocab, e.g. Drugs, Refugees, Unemployment, etc...

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