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    How to improve french? Masior

    Any advice on how to improve french, grammar, oral, listening.......please help !!!!!

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      The key is just PRACTICE , PRACTICE , PRACTICE.

      I am doing Ordinary Level so I don't really know if I am any help to you BUT what I do know is:

      For your oral , You should write out the questions and make sure that you understand what the questions mean , Then write up your answers and hand your answers up to your teacher to correct for any mistakes (Trust me this works!) , For Listening I think that you should just go over past exam papers (the aural section) and practice one every week or 2 weeks - Also ask your teacher if he/she has any mock oral cd's that your could borrow - it shouldn't be a problem.

      For the written exam , Well.... Just practice comprehensions , see what topics come up every year for example, The French Terrorist Attack could come up this year OR The Migration Crisis etc..

      Hope I helped you a little bit anyways! Best of luck :-)

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