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    Oral Qs ashes204

    I've my oral next week, what topics should I prepare for if I was to narrow it down? What's most likely to be asked?

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      the usual my self, family, area, house, housework, school, future career, last and next summer, easter,what you want to do after the leaving cart and TY if you did it

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      @LaurenMoore okay thanks!

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      also if she says 'parlez-moi de vous' make sure you talk about yourself like you appearance and your personailty becauce most people say theyre name and age and start talking about theyre family which is not what they asked, which leads you to loosing marks for not answering the question properly, so just be careful of that

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      Everything Lauren said and what you do/did/will do on the weekend. know TV, sport, music, cinema they're basically guaranteed! You must know a conditional answer because they HAVE to ask you one. A subjunctive would be good to know as well but they can't ask you it so it's on you to bring it into an answer to get extra marks! Know your Typical school day and some sentence's on abstract topics like alcohol, drugs, fashion, obesity, technology, environment etc because they usually ask on one or two of them.

      Good luck, you'll do super!

      Oh and if you've been to France, they ask loads of people that, and you'll have to say what you visited, differences between France and Ireland and differences in school in the two countries

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      @Orlait thank you!!

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      I'm a bit apprehensive. I did pretty flood in my oral but fumbled at 2 places. In each case I couldn't think of the appropriate verb. I managed to carry on however. The worst fumble was where I told her that I like reading. I wanted to say that when I read novels, I get better marks in English. In reality, I blanked out, and got through the awkwardness by using the verb avoir instead of to get. Everything else went pretty well. Would any of u know what my likely result would be?

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      That was meant to be pretty good

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