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    production écrite section serena1411

    I've obesity, drugs in sport, refugiees, racism, stress of life for young people and environment learnt, is there any other topics i should focus on please ?:P

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      can you send me refugee and stress of life for young people please -

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      I don't have stress for young people wrote up I just learnt my oral notes about the leaving cert and how i'v to do all the housework because I'm the eldest and the piece I learnt on refugees is in the triomphe an bac superieur book

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      Advertising (like the advantages/disadvantage, the effect on young people), The EU (due to Brexit), Sport in general, Volunteering, Learning 2 languages, the education system, Irish culture (due to 1916 and all that), having a part time job.

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      thanks so much :)

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      Has anyone an answer on the environment? Please

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