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Question 1
mazzagirl24 Leaving Cert French — 15/06/16 5

So i wrote my answer by arguing why languages should be given more attention. Was th question asking do you agree with the system itself or if the statement was true?!

laylalushni — 15/06/16
it just said "do you agree" as in the statement given above, so you had to say if you agree or dont and explain
mazzagirl24 — 15/06/16
agree to what though? agree that there is more emphasis on maths or agree with the system?
aichayabre — 15/06/16
You could have talked about both, like I Said I agreed and later talked about how I agree with the system blahblablah
mazzagirl24 — 15/06/16
yeah i sort of did that
Salbert123 — 15/06/16
What did the e mail mean
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