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    should i drop to ordinary?? meganward

    higher French is so hard but ordinary is so easy what should I do??????

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      ordinary then at least you will always have it in case you ever need it

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      Depends on how many Ordinary subjects you already do, and the points you need for college. You could get a revise wise book or less stress more success book for french which will help or get grinds. Good Luck.

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      if you are confident in your writing do higher if not i would say do ordinary level or you could get grinds . good luck with your decision

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      Well, If you are finding Higher Level extremely difficult then move to Ordinary Level , You are only kidding yourself if you think you can do Higher Level , However if you are at least passing HL then continue until the mocks and then decide? :)

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      ordinary its so easy I was in higher last year and honestly they do too much grammar and studying

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      Remember that the mocks are slightly harder, usually, than the real exam. They are also way earlier in the year. The question is not are you able for higher now; the question is, will you be able for higher by June?

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      I'd say wait a bit, but if it's really not for you, then you can consider if you really need Higher level for what you plan on studying. But keep trying! Good luck! :3

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      I just recently moved down to ordinary level as I was doing 7 honour subjects and French was stressing me out. It is a lot easier but don't kid yourself you will still have to work at it if you want a decent grade but if you cant see yourself improving in higher or if it is taking away all your time from your other subjects then go for it.

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      thanks everyone!

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      I am the same as you meganward. I am passing HL but just barely. Did u come up with a decision?

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      Does anyone have any predictions on what essays might come up?

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      If you learn plenty of topics you'll be fine trust me I was at a low C and have got myself to a B1 with hard work!!!

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